How to Make the Most of Your Facebook Fan Page

At this point, we have all heard about the Social Networking platform Facebook, but the big question is, do we know how to make the most out of our Facebook fan page? Here are some additional things you should know about Facebook.

  • There are over 350 million active users on Facebook
  • More than half the total users log into their account everyday
  • On average, users spend close to an hour on Facebook per sitting
  • There are about 2 million active fan pages on Facebook

Now that you know this information, it is important that you make the most of your fan page. Creating and actively updating your Facebook profile and fan page will increase the possibility of raising your Facebook presence. Here are some helpful tips on how to use Social Media Marketing and make the most of your Facebook fan page.

1) Setting up your fan page – Make sure you take your time to do this, as the information provided will be the first thing users will see when visiting your page. This is especially important when selecting the category of your fan page as you will not be able to change it once it has been created. Once you choose the correct category you can start inputting company information, which will later be displayed in the Info tab of your page.

2) Creating an Application– Facebook offers many different types of applications that can add value and presence to your page. Certain applications can do things such as post your feeds from other social networking sites such as twitter, conduct polls, hold contest, etc. Take advantage of the tabs as you can personalize them to show unique content you want users to take a look at.

3) Import your business blog– Facebook allows you to import the content from your business blog right to your Facebook account. This can be done simply and easily and allows users to read your entire blog content right on your Facebook page. This can serve useful in that a user that is truly interested in a post will be likely to visit your website for additional reading.

4) Engage visitors– using your Facebook fan page to communicate with users can serve valuable in creating customers and business prospects. Social media is built around the ability to interact and have communications with others. Do your best to make your page interactive and engaging to users. Here are some ideas:

  • Post questions to entice users to provide their opinion
  • Create a poll and make is simple for users to get through
  • Use Facebook applications that are already offered that are relevant to your business, such as games and quizzes

5) Keep your content fresh– Constantly updating your fan page will give users a reason to come back. This will also serve useful for your Facebook profile. Updating your content takes no time or effort at all. Feel free to update photos, videos, upcoming events or company news in your page.

Hope this information serves useful. Happy social Networking:)

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